Episode 99 – Shauna Hamburger – Beyond adversity

Shauna Bruce-Hamburger - Beyond adversity into freedom

Shauna Bruce-Hamburger was born with the most severe form of spina bifida and at just 4 days old, doctors told her parents she may not make it through her surgery and if she did, it was likely that she would never walk. But defying the odds is something that Shauna is used to. Her story is…

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Episode 97 – Bronwen Sciortino – Recovering from perfectionism

Episode 97 - Bronwen Sciortino - Recovering from perfectionism

Bronwen Sciortino had an intense battle with not being good enough. She pushed herself so hard and for so long she collapsed. For the first time in her life, she couldn’t just click her fingers and fix things. There was literally nothing left. She’d given all of herself to everyone and everything else. On her…

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Making time for the unknown – Kristina Evans

Making time for the unknown - Kristina Evans

Being a busy mother, I had no time for the unknown. A friend needed help in her shop so my husband offered my services as he wanted to know where I was during the day while the kids were at school. According to him, I spent it quicker than he could make it! To be…

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The Unexpected Journey of Becoming a Writer – Lois Letchford

Her Story Daily - Lois Letchford

My sixth-grade teacher peered over my shoulder, handing back my essay. The ordinarily white paper with black pencil writing was covered with acres of red pen; each mark a new humiliation and evidence of failure. My teacher pointed to each correction mark, loudly stating, “How am I supposed to read this mess? You cannot write,…

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Episode 93 – Zivit Inbar – Growing despite adversity

Her Story Radio - Episode 93 Zivit Inbar - Growing through adversity

Dr Zivit Inbar, CEO of Different Thinking shares her story about how adversity can be a catalyst for growth. Zivit tells us of how labels, Stealth Dyslexia, grief, and cultural and gender bias have all played a significant path in leading her to follow her passion. Zivit’s story is about strength, resilience and how she…

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